Dark Mode: Now in Microsoft's Outlook.com

Dark Mode was one of the most requested features for the web version of Outlook. And Microsoft did hear the requests and introduced the theme. They teased the feature earlier this month and now it's live. And can be enabled from the quick settings toggle.

It is counted that more than 70% of the coders use dark mode for coding. The theme is largely accepted by the users after it became popular among coders. As a dark screen helps our eyes to concentrate longer on the screen.

In Mac OS Mojave, it is one of the most highlighted features, that shows the demand of the feature. It is already available in Windows 10, Android OS and most of the popular applications like YouTube, Skype, Twitter, Gmail has it. Even Microsofts own Outlook app has the feature.

The web version of Outlook has more than 400 million active users now. And its a great gesture from the Outlook team to add that feature after huge requests from the users. If you one among those, go try it. It looks great. Probability is high that you will keep that switcher enabled.