OnePlus dropping their name Dash Charge for Warp Charge

Recently OnePlus filed one application to trademark 'WARP Charge' at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). As previously EU rejected the application to trademark 'DASH Charge' as it was similar to from Amazon's 'Dash Replacement' and Bargi's 'The Dash Pro'.

OnePlus introduced the DASH Charging feature with its flagship OnePlus 3,  its the fastest charging technology available in the smartphone industry till date. OnePlus is planning to change the name because of the rejected trademark in EU and settled with the new brand name of 'WARP Charge'.

During the launch of its 2018 flagship OnePlus 6, they did not mention the word DASH Charge in the product launch event. Recently in the Oxygen OS open beta, they removed the word DASH charging and replaced with Charging Rapidly. From all the store they started dropping the name DASH charge and address it with fast charging cables. This is a clear hint that they are moving away from the name 'DASH Charge'.

Interestingly the filed trademark has a provision for using the name for wireless charging, but OnePlus does not have any wireless charges in the market. This might be a hint to the plans of bringing wireless charging to OnePlus devices int he future. Maybe in OnePlus 6T itself.

As of today, the application is marked as 'under examination' by the authorities. OnePlus can't use it as the brand name until the trademark is accepted. So we can expect an official announcement when they do get regulatory approval from the EUIPO.