YouTube Dark Theme: Started Rolling Out on Android

With more than 1 Billion users and 5 Billion videos being watched every single day, YouTube is the most popular streaming service. And that large userbase had a demand for the Dark Mode, from a very long time.

Google did hear the request and brought the dark theme to the web last year. Which can be enabled from your Profile image > Dark theme. But to make the experience complete they had to bring it to the mobile apps as well.

The streaming service giant did bring it to the iOS first. And after 6months  Android users are beginning to get the theme on their app. The feature began rolling out this week. It can be turned on and off in the app’s user Profile Image > Settings > General > Dark theme.

Are you excited about the feature? And what are your thoughts about Google bringing the feature to iOS and took half a year to implement the same in Android?

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