Facebook Plans to Monetize WhatsApp

Facebook added billion more users to its database by acquiring Whatsapp recently. Inspite of its massive usage on a regular basis, Whatsapp's current revenue is relatively lesser as compared to its rivals.

While, WeChat and Line have features like advertisements, games, online payments and in-app purchases which help them generate a substantial revenue , WhatsApp doesn't. Instead, with Facebook's acquirement, the target has only been to make it more business friendly by retaining the simplicity of the app. Features like assistance, delivery/order notifications, schedule confirmation messages, etc. would make businesscommunications more convinient and easy. 

In a recent blog post, Facebook stated, “We’re building and testing new tools via a free WhatsApp Business app for small companies and an enterprisesolution for bigger companies operating at a large scale with a global base of customers, like airlines, e-commerce sites, and banks."

Further, a pilot program that adds a green verification badge next to the business contact has already been initiated but, it is only speicifc to a few number of businesses for the time being. All this proves conclusively that Facebook is serious about monetizing its super-convinient messaging platform by targeting a wide variety of businesses. Who knows what comes next?...

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